BOAT LIFE near the NORTH POLE! — Sailing Uma [Step 285]

Yacht Charter in Croatia – A Brief Introduction to Croatian Shoreline

Croatia offers quite possibly the most charming shoreline within the European continent having its countless concealed isles, magnificent shores along with wonderful ambiance, the sole way to be able to discover the magnificence is via a yacht charter in Croatia. Keep reading to understand more information on the locations that are essential to check out within the seacoast of Croatia.

Sailing in and Around Tampa Bay

If you are a sailing enthusiast or just looking for some rest and relaxation consider Tampa in Florida. There are many places to sail and anchor around the Tampa Bay area. With it’s sparkling clear waters, warm sunshine, wildlife and stunning scenery Tampa is a great choice to for anyone who loves to mess about in the sea or on a boat.

Yacht Charter – Introduction To Basics

Yacht charter is common way of spending quality holidays and is becoming more and more popular. Here is a brief introduction to yacht charter basics, explaining difference among types of vessels, their advantages and price ranges.

North Carolina Deep Water Deeded Boat Slips and Coastal Places of Interest

Boat slips are seeing rising demand, however, limited supply and increasing demand across the globe make boat slips an intriguing opportunity for investors. As the world’s population increases and baby boomers retire, boat ownership is rapidly increasing and available options for docking boats are decreasing. In fact, two out of every three people take part in some form of boating each year. Here are some of the destinations that boaters like to venture while either a day venture, weekend explorer or just looking for great places of coastal North Carolina.

Great Spots For A Sailing Trip In Idaho

The state of Idaho has great sailing destinations situated at certain regions. These lakes offer you a perfect experience in the water on your planned vacation. Your whole trip would be memorable and fun most especially if you have chosen the excellent spot for sailing.

Five Steps to Handle a Flooding Emergency Aboard Your Small Sailboat

It’s pouring in. Black, cold water. But from where? You slip and slide as you tear away the companionway ladder to peer into the engine space. Nothing. Nada. What now, skipper. What steps will you take next to keep your small cruising sailboat from sinking?

Panama’s Prisoner Island

A sailing crew were enticed to make a lunch stop at a beautiful island off the coast of Panama. After landing ashore, lunch in hand, they found surprises they hadn’t imagined.

Three Sailing Tips for Sailing Up to a Dock

If you are anything like me, you want to know the best sailing tips that put you in command of your small cruising or racing sailboat. Forget the iron genny. Turning on an engine won’t increase your sailing skills. Use the main propulsion your boat came with–the powerful mainsail–and become the true master and commander of your boat–under sail!

Provisioning For Your Caribbean Sailing Vacation

Part of the excitement of a Caribbean sailing vacation is the sense of adventure of exploring new places as well as the opportunity to experience exotic cuisine. Nowhere is this more apparent than when it comes time to provision your charter. Whether you are just purchasing drinks and snacks, or planning to prepare meals aboard, provisioning can be a rewarding adventure on its own.

A Caribbean Sailing Charter At Night: Moonlight Symphony

For anyone that has experienced it, there is no better way to relax than on a Caribbean sailing charter! Crusty old sailors, vacation brochures and charter booking agents rave about the brilliant sunshine, balmy trade-winds, clear turquoise blue waters, and incredible beaches.

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