COAL POWERED Electric Sailboat ?! — Sailing Uma [Step 281]

Learn to Sail Like a Pro – Are You “Sail Ready” to Enter That Harbor?

Learn to sail like a pro when you know the secrets of sailboat control under sail. When was the last time you saw a sailing vessel enter a marina ready in a matter of seconds in case their marine engine died? Read on for five sailing tips to be prepared for the unexpected.

Take a Romantic Vacation on a Bareboat Charter

Relaxation and quality time together are primary goals for any couple planning a romantic getaway. By booking a bareboat charter and sailing in a location that offers stunning natural beauty, an ideal vacation can be achieved. The yachts supplied by a quality charter company are fully equipped and ready to sail.

When Does A Sailboat Become Something Else?

The other day, I was sitting at the patio of a local coffee shop and a noted a 3 Wheeled Vehicle drive by. It wasn’t a motorcycle, nor was it a car. In fact it looked a little bit like each. If you told me it was a motorcycle, I would be okay with that, but if you told me it was a car, I could see your point on that too. So what was it? It was a hybrid of sorts, and it kind of shows the creativity of humans as they push the envelope between categories and boundaries.

Underwater Hull Cleaning – It’s Harder Than It Looks

Not long ago, I was talking to a professional diver and he explained that he and his buddies might occasionally go down to the local marina to clean the bottom of boats, mostly for beer money if you will, or rather that was the joke in the conversation. After all, a professional diver makes decent money and hardly needs anymore time in the water or work such as hull cleaning of the proverbial rich person’s yacht you see. Nevertheless, we discussed the difficulty in cleaning hulls in the water.

Boat HPS, Hull Positioning System, Needed For Privately Owned Cleaning Robots

Ship and boat hull inspection by way of robotics turns out to be a very hard thing to do. The algorithms needed, programming required, sensors attached, and the underwater 3-D environment turns out to be a tough combination to get right. Still, maybe there is an easier way. Well, we know there is one easier way, the way we’ve always done it with human divers. Yes, of course, I get that, but human divers aren’t always available in faraway ports, or the water is too cold, too murky, or bio-fouled. In other words, it’s not exactly, how should we say; hospitable.

Ten Top Sailing Tips for Safer Sailing in 2013

Learn to sail like a pro this sailing season. Use these top ten sailing tips to give you the “edge” on sailing safety. Pass them along to your sailing crew or partner.

Boat Daytrips From Kuta Lombok

Information about boat trips from Kuta in south Lombok. Also giving information about the use of local wooden boats vs private charter speedboat hire.

A Sailboat That Can Sail Around The World

Dreaming of sailing around the world? To do that you will need to get yourself a sailboat. Not just any sailboat will do. Whether your new to boat ownership or an old-salt this process is all part of the fun!

Sailing Destinations And Travel Tips

Sailing holidays are very similar to safari trips. It can be expensive and a one-time thing, but the experience will be one to remember for the rest of your life. An experience that can provide much more than sightseeing.

History’s Most Noteable Ships

Throughout history there has been ships and captains which have achieved astonishing feats. These are just a few.

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