Drone Flying Tips from an “Expert” — Sailing Uma [Step 283]

Tips For Anchoring Your Sailboat

If you are anything like me, anchoring your sailboat in a quite, snug cove or harbor can be hard to beat. But how do you choose an anchoring spot that will provide you with a worry-free “night on the hook”? Follow these easy tips to enjoy one of sailing’s most sought-after pleasures.

The Longest, Deepest and Biggest at Sea

Never a ship sails out of the bay, but carries my heart as a stowaway – Roselle Mercier Montgomery. The sea holds a special place in our hearts where adventures are made and tragedies arise. Many world records are set and people are always trying to better them. Whether they are the largest, fastest or longest the sea always provides an interesting challenge.

Questions to Ask Before Deciding to Buy a Sailboat

Is sailing over the horizon more than just a dream, now with gas (and diesel) prices out of sight? Do you want to know the most essential things to look for before plunking down your cash on a cruising sailboat? Only you are looking out for your own best interests. Not a boat broker, working off commission. So, get a piece of paper and a pencil and do a bit of analysis–before you decide to buy!

How to Maintain Your Sailboat

Learn to sail like a pro when you keep your sailboat shipshape and “squared away”. Save tons of money on repairs, sailing gear replacement, and go sailing more. Use these seven top sailing tips to stay ahead of the sailboat maintenance game today!

Learn to Sail for Newbies – Five Low Cost Ways to Go Sailing!

Do you want to learn to sail, without the high price of sailing schools? In these tough times, we all are looking for free or almost free. And you can sail for free or almost free with five simple sailing tips you can put into play today!

Combating Seasickness on a Sailing Holiday

Seasickness is a horrible illness that strikes people down when they are sailing, and can make what should be a fun experience a lot more difficult. But what if you really want to go on a sailing or a boating holiday – how do you combat it?

Three Sailing Tips for Safer Sailing Today!

What sailing tips could you put into play today to make your small sailboat a safer platform for her sailing crew? Do your inexperienced crew members know the body motions they must use for safety at sea? Follow this simple sailing safety advice and pass it along to your crew.

Learn to Sail for Newbies – Sailboat Cabin Terms You Need to Know

Learn to sail in no time when you understand the sailboat terms that relate to your sailboat cabin. With this new knowledge, you’ll be on your way to become an “old salt” in no time!

Sailing: An Idyllic Sport for Families

Over the years, the stereotype prevailed that sailing was primarily the province of young, hearty men with large, tattooed biceps. However presently, the demographic of who enjoys sailing has turned out to be much more diverse. Sailing is currently an increasingly popular recreational activity for families, and with good reason.

A Couple’s Sailing Charter Gone Wrong – Thirteen DO’s and DON’Ts of Chartering a Boat

We booked a 10-day sailing trip on a Beneteau 463 with a local chartering company called Caribbean Sailing BVI, aka Caribbean Yacht Charters BVI. We did not foresee the problems we were about to encounter. We summarized a list below or what NOT and what to Do if you are ever chartering.

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