I trust her with my life — Sailing Uma

Well, we are getting ready to leave soon, but all the big projects are done, but there’s a few a few smaller things we still have to get done before we can actually leave the dock, one of which is clearing all the snow off our boat and our Solar panels, contrary to popular belief, they do provide a little bit of power even in the winter, especially if we tip them up we’re getting a few hundred watts a day, but it’s not much good when there’s snow on them is. So one more thing we’re going to do before we leave is inflate cocoa because we haven’t used her in quite some time and it’s been cold these past couple of months, so she’s completely deflated and sad. So we’re going to flip her over put some air and straps her back in so that next time we use a dinghy.

It’s already inflated and she’ll be ready to go , I’m about to go back to the top of the mast to replace our spinnaker block. This is one that allows it to be a two to one. So it gets attached here comes down and then back up, and that gives us a lot more tension on our furler line. We’re also going to take this time to explain how we uh go up the mast, because, since we put the windlass on it’s a lot easier, Kika can just grind me up with the windlass, but it’s certainly not recommended to do it. We do it pretty safely and a lot of you guys had questions about how we do it so today, uh we’ll walk you through our process, so we normally use the main halyard as the main hauling halyard, and that’s the one that runs back and around the Windlass and then our spare halyard is what I use as a safety.

I just tie a preset knot around it and then just slide it up as I go. So if something ever happens to the main and and I fall or lose my grip or balance, I get caught on the spare um, I don’t really like trusting these with my life, so I normally will tie a figure eight in the end of this and just Use that this is pretty stiff right now, because it’s half frozen so it’s gonna be an interesting figure. Eight knot very stiff there we go uh and that just clipped right into the harness we prefer just using rock climbing harnesses they’re easy to find. We’ve done a lot of rock climbing in the past and know how they work and trust our lives to them. I’m just going to clip this around here to keep it out of the way, so the main halyard comes down to the clutch and when I go up, that’s actually closed.

So if something ever happens at the windlass end, I’m still attached and cleated off with the clutch not ideal, but the backup will keep me safe. The backup is also going through the clutch to keep it from sliding and then it’s cleaned off at the bottom as well. The other side we just have on a carabiner just to provide a bit of tension. So when I’m sliding the prusik up and down it, does I don’t need to use two hands so on the safety line, I tie a prusik knot. This is my favorite life-saving knot.

It’s probably saved my life dozens of times in the past, climbing and repelling off of cliffs, it’s pretty straightforward and simple. This is just a spare piece of line. Ideally it would be a little bit smaller, but a smaller diameter, but it actually works pretty well. If you want to learn how to tie it, just google it it’s uh. There’s lots of good instructional videos out there on how to tie press it nut.

But the basics is, this: end gets clipped to me and while I’m going up, I just keep a finger underneath it and it slides up easily. If it ever gets tension. It’ll hold my weight a little bit of pressure on the top and it’ll slide back down, and that gets clipped on separately to my main carabiner and locked, and now I’m pretty much ready to go. The tail end of the main halyard, we’ll put a quarter wrap around the winch just to redirect it and then it’ll go to the wind list where Kikawill haul me up and that way, if anything happens, on that end, I’m protected on the main. If anything happens with the main I’m protected on the spare, and I can control my own descent, if I need to once I get to the top, I usually just wrap a piece of webbing around just to have sort of a third secure point.

When I get there, so I feel a lot more comfortable swinging around, but i’ll show you that when I get up there [ Music ] is [ Music ]. So once then is all the way up the mast. What I usually do is take off the line from the windlass, bring it back to the mask and put it in the winch there and uh yeah. When he’s ready to come down. I usually just bleed from the mast.

So now I just wait: Oh god, that’s in up. I dropped that little nut game over man,. So that’s a pretty successful mission. The uh, the old spinnaker block we had up here, had like a composite plastic frame and it just completely snapped off at some point and it was a bit of a nightmare, but this new one’s made, I think by bronze, run stand and it’s all metal.

This thing’s a beast and it’s got a locking nut on the bottom, so hopefully it’ll never die. Are you ready, yeah, okay, pause for a second no loose strands. Everything’s. Looking good wires are good. Okay, cool everything is back everything’s back good to go.

Yeah yep, it’s a beautiful thing. It’s like all metal look here. I don’t think you ever saw it’s plastic like it’s. It’s harken too, like yeah, it’s snapped huh good morning. Everyone.

It is about seven o’clock in the morning and we are finally ready to sail out of Trondheim. It is a bit on the frosty side this morning. It’s like hovering right around freezing which would make for an interesting sail, but we’re right at high tide. So we’re about to coil our shoreline and leave the dock, let’s go sailing. So how do you feel about leaving Trondheim feel good?

It’s cold this morning, though, but we’ve got pretty favorable conditions to move out of the fjord and then pretty favorable conditions to go sailing. This week, so by favorable I mean good wind, that’s it! It’s gonna be cold, ! Oh it’s gonna take us all morning to get our dock lines off crunchy all right. You can probably pull this one in not too much to look at nice, knowing yet.

Why , when I’m thinking of you, I think in me, tell me is how Norwegian is that a raven fly like sitting above our Norwegian flag. While we sail out of Trondheim in the winter there’s no yeah it’s about to fly off, uh is that. Is that a good omen? I don’t know? Is that a good?

I think that’s a good luck thing pretty quick! Well, we chose a relatively light day for our first uh winter sale and the winds are pretty much as they were forecasted and we’re under 10 knots, so bring the spinnaker out or we’re never getting out of the fjord. Today, like a dog jumping on the snow, it’s so much smaller when it’s on the earth: pretty pretty chill sailing, but uh. We knew it was going to be a light day, but every time we take our boat out after being at a dock for a while, we always use the first sail sort of like a mini shakedown and going on a nice calm day, certainly better than going Out on a stiff day, so I think we still have plenty of time. It’s only 10 o’clock in the morning and the tide has just shifted.

So we should be getting sucked out of here for the next six hours and make it out of fjord uh in daylight and then we’ll probably wait for a day or two for better weather to keep going north. But so far it’s been. It’s been nice. It’s chill it’s uh, it’s not too cold, even though it’s below freezing all the sail, handling and line handling certainly keeps us warm and now uh. The sitting still is probably gonna make us cold.

So well. We made it around the first corner and we are now into clinton clean, clean wind, so we rolled up the spinnaker and we have the head sail back out um, but we are on a close, haul-ish right sort of pinching, so yeah it feels uh feels windier. We are, we still have some sort of current against us right now, so where our speed through the water is seven knots, but we’re moving at five um, it’s not too bad, though a little bit of a second head yeah, it’s a little bit colder than what We are used to it’s. Definitely the coldest sail yet um hovering just about freezing, which is funny because when we were hosting the main, we literally saw ice falling from the sail, which was kind of funny but um. I think we have enough warm gear on, and so it’s not too bad.

I think we’ll survive, but we’ve we’ve done about 10 miles and we have about 15 more to go and then we’ll make it out of the mouth of the Trondheim fjord, which what is the name of this fjord fjord right, yeah cool, that we covered that one Um, hopefully we’ll make it there before nightfall and then we’ll probably hunker down in the marina for the night and then maybe wait a day or two and when the wind is favorable again, we’ll go around and offshore and on teurovic. So oh, is that snow. In the mountains looks like snow, oh you mean it’s snowing, yeah yeah up there yeah we might be sailing in the snow today. Oh, that would be a first, that’s cool good thing. We got ski goggles, all right, yeah.

Anything else I needed to say: nose, Michelin, man . I know your lips are warm for some reason. I have blood in them. A lot of you guys have been asking us how um regen has been going since we installed the new ocean bulb last year and, to be honest, uh we haven’t really done too many 24-hour long passages.

Since then, we sailed across the English Channel, but that was pretty slow and our sail to Norway was pretty good. So we got to test it then, but ever since we’re here in the fjords, we don’t really get consistent enough winds to do long like charging periods to sort of test it. But right now we’re sailing along at about five and a half to six knots. Maybe a little bit faster, I think there’s some current on our nose and we’re getting around a hundred, like maybe 150 at some times on average watts back into the battery bank. So it’s it’s just enough to sort of cover our house loads, like the GPS and the chart, plotters and nav lights and autopilot and stuff.

But it’s not enough to like charge our batteries back up while we’re sailing uh and now that we’ve played around the Salona and experienced and tested the server props. There’s definitely a difference between the folding prop that we have the gory propeller and the servo props. It seems to be that they’re about three times more efficient at creating power. So, while we’re sailing along here creating 100 watts, it would be doing 300, which would actually be enough to put power back into our battery bank, which is pretty interesting um. At some point.

I’m sure we’ll be offshore again for more than a couple of hours and we’ll be able to test on a longer passage and actually see if it makes a difference between um between our starting perce battery percentage and a percentage. When we end, if we’re actually able to maintain our house loads because so far, we’ve always arrived with less charge than we’ve started out with. So it’s it’s definitely summed, but it’s not as good as it could be. Let’s put it that way, all right, I’m ready. So it’s it’s snowing right now, um, that’s new, but unfortunately the wind is now coming straight out of the mouth of the fjord, which is where we need to go.

So since we are coming close by our marina right around the corner, we drop the main and we’re mortaring, and we’re going to dock for the night looks like we’re going to make it just in time before that snowstorms come in and yeah we’re just going to wait and tomorrow continue, but it’s kind of cool that it’s snowing when we left Trondheim, we already knew that it was going to be a 50 50 guess whether we would have the win with us or if the wind would be funneling and be against us looks Like the the most unfortunate option is what happened? I think that that’s not because it’s too shallowseen everything yeah. Just in time, the wind picked up it’s starting to snow, a little bit more we’re going to probably turn on there’s electricity here so turn on the heaters. Take a hot shower so wow. I guess we got here at the right time.

It is snowing outside yeah um. I guess. If we were smarter, we would have docked facing the wind which meant facing where the snow would be coming from, but instead the snow is going to cover the cockpit. But it’s really pretty outside, but man yeah. I would hate to be tacking into this today, so yeah.

It was definitely a good call to stop um now we’re gonna have dinner at two o’clock in the afternoon and go to bed, because what else do you do after a sale? Usually you go for a sale you get to where you need to go. You eat dinner. You go to bed, so we’re gonna. Do that done.

I think it was definitely a good call. It was sort of a 50 50 like we knew. We’d have okay win to leave Trondheim, but then the wind was sort of coming like perpendicular to the fjord mount to the fjords. So we weren’t quite sure if it was gonna like turn and funnel and push us out or if it was gonna turn and finally come in on our nose and so we’re sort of just waiting and waiting and waiting. And then we kind of made it to the point of no return.

It was like coming in our nose, we’re like nope, so we turned around and just like, we were half a mile away from this little dock, so yeah, we’ll probably wait. Uh looks like two days and then we’re gonna have really good wind and a nice sunny day, hopefully on Wednesday, to sail again. So in the meantime, yeah we’re making a bunch of pasta. We’ve got, we’ve got brewn cheese, cheese and cor cormo. I don’t know that, but they have brew cheese on there.

This is like the most Norwegian thing you can possibly have on a cold wintry day, because everybody loves the brewing cheese yeah. So what are you making pasta with pasta, sauce, [, Music, ], all right? So, a while ago, one of our patrons gave me this harmonica and it’s been really cool to learn it. So on days like this, where it’s crazy outside uh, I like to practice a little bit, so I’m taking harmonica classes now um. What are you doing?

Hey hello over here, oh yeah, that’s new! How did you, how I got here isn’t important. What’s important is that you are hurting my ears. Well, that’s rude! No rude is when someone disturbs your perfectly quiet and calm headspace.

You do realize that I live inside your head right. I guess why not just try something more productive. What what are you looking for, I am being productive. See, oh, is that that online learning platform, specifically designed for creative people who enjoy learning new skills? You know like that class about how to edit on a green screen yeah, you do realize I’m talking about skillshare right.

You do know that skillshare has thousands of inspiring classes right, not just the editing and filming stuff that i’ve been learning I mean even Dan Has his favorite classes too? Listen, I’m all about exploring new skills and getting lost in creativity, and I can go all day. Trust me about how skillshare has thousands of classes to fit everyone’s schedule and obviously every skill level. But I just don’t know if the harmonica is really our thing.

You know there’s so much already going on in our little head that it just feels a little crowded with all these classes you’ve been taking lately. Unless are we starting a band? You keep saying we? Yes, I can totally see it now: rock stars rock stars and yeah, the first thousand subscribers who click on the link can get a free trial to skillshare premium membership. Yes, that can work.

Anyone can then just explore their creativity and for less than ten dollars a month and new classes popping up all the time. There’s something new for everyone. We can learn all the instruments we’re going to need a bigger boat. I mean I’m not that good. Obviously you have a lot of practicing to do so.

I’m just going to go you’re going well. That was weird uh yeah. I think I think I’m just gonna stop this video here and we’ll see you guys. Next week, cheers

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