Installing Lithionics Batteries on our Sailboat | S06E22

The Top 5 Anchoring Tips

What five anchoring tips rank right up there as the most important for sailing safety? Follow these five super sailing tips before you drop the hook. Gain peace-of-mind that your boat anchor will keep you and your crew safe and sound–wherever in the world you choose to cruise!

Learn to Sail for Newbies – What Are Your Sailing Goals This Off-Season?

Have you put away thoughts of sailing for another season? If you want to learn to sail, challenge yourself to these three sailing education goals that will cost you nothing. Your sailing knowledge will soar to new heights faster than your ever thought possible!

How to Tie Marine Knots

Learn how to tie marine knots fast and easy when you understand parts of a sailing rope and the techniques for tying a knot. Follow this simple “getting started” guide to tie any knot aboard your boat fast and easy!

What Is A Marine Survey?

A marine survey can mean a wide number of things; but it usually either describes a condition survey or is used as a “catch all” term for different types of vessel survey. For example, “Yacht Condition Survey”, “Yacht Appraisal Survey” or “Damage Survey” may all be referred to as a singular marine survey.

Classic Yachts Give You A Great Escape Others Will Envy

Getting out and enjoying the sea is something many of us would love to do, but not all of us have the means to own our own yacht. If you do, then you might consider the beauty and utility that classic yachts can offer you. These are picture perfect vessels that many envy really do give you the experience we all tend to associate with a lovely, well made yacht.

How Far Can I Sail in a Day?

How far you can sail in 24 hours? If you want to go on a sailing cruise, you need this sailing skill so that you can carry enough food, water, fuel, and sailing gear for your sailing crew. Use these simple sailing tips.

Avid Fan Of Luxury Charter Yachts?

Luxury charter yachts are a fantastic way to vacation, either home or away! This article is equally relevant for visitors looking for crewed sailing charter quotes or bare boat charters. Either way private yacht charter is the focus of this article.

My Wife and I Are Buccaneers or Pirates

As a little kid I always wanted to be a pirate or a buccaneer. Sailing on tall ships in the tropics, riches of gold and silver, cannons, palm trees and beaches were all the things built into my dreams. The little kid in me still has those dreams.

Three Sail Care Tips to Save You Money

Learn to sail like a pro with these cost saving sail care tips. If you want to learn how to sail like a pro, then you need to know the best way to keep your sailboat sails in great shape.The last thing you want are sails that don’t provide you with speed, power, and performance.Make this simple inspection before the sailing season begins and after it ends.

How to Become a Pro at Docking a Sailboat

If you want to learn to sail well, docking a sailboat will be one skill you will need. After all, after you go sailing, you will need to bring your sailboat back to the dock and tie her up.

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