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Sailing Holidays for Beginners

A few handy hints and tips so you don’t feel like a complete beginner on your first exploration into the world of sailing holidays. Some useful terminology, how to get on the boat, where’s the wind?…

Top 5 Reasons You Should Charter A Yacht

It’s time to take a break and bring your family or friends to a special holiday vacation. You have many to options to choose from. You can go to the beach, scuba dive, snorkel or better yet, why not charter a yacht? There are after all a thousand reasons why you should. Here are the top reasons why your next holiday vacation should be on a chartered yacht.

Eight Considerations in Purchasing a Catamaran

When choosing a catamaran, there are many factors to take into account prior to purchasing your yacht. You may want to consider these factors regarding safety and comfort before you sign the paperwork on your new yacht.

An Introduction Into Catamaran Racing – Why Aren’t More People Doing It?

As an avid catamaran sailor I have never understood why it isn’t a more popular sport? I tell people I race catamarans, some look at me as if I have started speaking a foreign language. Others ask every question imaginable usual ending the conversation with wow that sounds exciting. Doesn’t it scare you? The honest answer is yes – most of the time, but isn’t that why we take up these sports, to be exhilarated and scared at the same time? I love that feeling I get, when my heart is beating in my throat and the adrenaline is pumping. hoping for a little more speed.

How to Make the Most of Your Summer Sailing Holiday

With over 1 million British people owning a boat and that number increasing in warmer coastal areas such as the Mediterranean, Australia and South Africa, sailing is fast becoming a very popular sport as well as a holiday activity. Take a look at how to make the most of your summer sailing holiday with this quick sailing holiday survival guide.

Charters for Corporate Events: A Growingly Popular Trend Among the Elite

Whether it’s a corporate meeting of top executives, a party thrown for the CEOs of a certain industry or for employees being rewarded for their hard work, corporate charters are rapidly becoming a popular means of business leisure. A Get-away From Usual Business Distractions – Meetings are often interrupted by phone calls, surprise guests or other office released issues. CEOs and board of directors of large companies find crewed charter yachts the best place to hold meetings and discuss new business ideas without any of the usual office distractions.

The Advantages of Chartering a Fully Crewed Yacht

The crew plays an important role in turning your otherwise good sailing vacation into an extraordinary one. A fully crewed charter yacht means that besides the captain and a chef, who are present on almost every yacht, it also offers an interior crew, deck crew and a team of engineers.

Why Apply Antifouling To Your Boat

Antifouling paint is a major part of any Hull and it will protect the hull and other important parts below sea level. Boats that haven’t been treated with antifoul paints can actually be slower, less responsive and far less fuel efficient which will cost you money.

Cruising the French Riviera on a Shoestring Budget: Cannes to Menton

Continuing on from the previous article ‘Cruising the French Riviera on a Shoestring Budget: La Ciotat to Cannes’, we explore the east side of the Riviera. Helpful hints on where to anchor, when to head for a marina and which marinas won’t break the bank.

Cruising the French Riviera on a Shoestring Budget: La Ciotat to Cannes

If you think that cruising the french Riviera is too expensive for you – think again! With beautiful, safe anchorages, some very budget-friendly marinas and a bit of inside knowledge, you can cruise the Riviera all summer long. Check out our handy hints.

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