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Be the Captain in Croatia

Have you ever wanted to Captain your own ship? Well now is your chance with Sailing Croatia Holidays. Discover the amazing coastline and stunning cities.

What Do I Like To Do Business Concepts – Go Sailing

Everyone has passion for something in their life. The trick is to find out what you’re good at, and what you love to do, and go pursue happiness. That is part of the great freedom and liberty of being an American, and how wonderful it is. Of course, living in a free-market based society also means that you need to work, produce, and then you can enjoy the fruits of your labors. It’s a pretty simple concept, and it works really well.

Sailing Beginner – Self-Steering Your Sailboat

In this sailing beginner article I wanted to discuss the self-steering rudder for sailboats. It seems that there are a couple of methods that are used to self-steering or what I call automatic rudder control for a sailboat. Self-Steering allows the single handed sailor the ability to let go of the tiller to fix a meal, hang a sail, or just to take a break without the sailboat going off course. The solution can be one of little expense to a more complicated and expensive self-steering mechanism.

The Perks of a Sailing Holiday

Reasons to choose a sailing holiday. The benefits of travelling by yacht.

Sailing Beginner – Winterizing Your Outboard

Sailing Tip: I use a 5 gallon bucket instead because an outboard motor earmuff wouldn’t work on my motor. My water intake is located above the propeller and just underneath the horizontal shaft fin, instead of being located on the side of the shaft like most outboards. Maybe it has something to do with my outboard being a long shaft specifically made for sailboats or it could be that it was just by design as well. In any case, the 5 gallon bucket works wonders and I don’t necessarily need a big barrel full of water in order to run it.

Sailing Beginner – Winterizing Your Sailboat

Sailing Tip- This year I also took advantage of a nice warm day to move my trailer lights higher on the trailer, so that I can now tip the trailer if the water happens to be shallow while launching my boat. If I hadn’t of moved them, I would not be able to tip the trailer as the lights would hit the boat ramp and damage them. I was glad I took care of that now instead of waiting until next spring, when I rather be sailing as opposed to fixing the lights at that time.

Sailing Beginner – Is The Sextant Outdated?

When it comes to blue water sailing or boating, knowing how to navigate is paramount to your success of arriving to your desired destination. In this sailing beginner article I would like to cover a couple of ways that this can be accomplished. There is the time tested use of the Sextant as well as the modern GPS in which both essentially do the same thing but in very different ways.

Basic Sailing Terminology: Through the Eyes of a Super Yacht Chief Stewardess

Many stewardesses underestimated just how important basic seamanship is. Understanding sailing terminology is particularly important, especially when it is your home and work place. Below is a list that I have complied that will help you to get your head around some of these nautical terms…

Sailing Beginner – Launching Your Sailing Boat

Assuming you are not familiar with boat launching or retrieving this article will help you with the fundamentals. This article will cover how to launch it safely. Personally, I never owned a boat before, so I had to learn how to launch one from scratch. Here is how I was able to accomplish a successful launch of my sailing boat.

Sailing Beginner – Types of Sails

Different types of sails are used for different applications and boat designs. With new computer designs and fabrics, modern sails have a supreme advantage over those of the past.

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