Our First EVER Sail as a Family of 4!

Caribbean Sailing Charter: A Day of “Eco-Loving”

Before I met my husband, my idea of the perfect relaxing respite was some posh, air-conditioned suite at a pricey resort located on a beach within U.S. territories. But, like I said, that was before I was introduced to the natural beauty and adventure of the Caribbean islands. There may be no better place to get in touch with nature than on a sailing charter to the Caribbean.

Sailing Vacation Etiquette 101

If you have never taken a sailing vacation, you are in for a treat. There is something magical the first time your sails fill with wind and you find yourself gliding through the turquoise blue waters of the Sir Francis Drake Channel off the coast of Tortola, BVI. There is nothing more peaceful or relaxing than sailing in the British Virgin Islands. I first experienced this thrill about six years ago when I joined my husband’s passion for sailing. I have learned a lot with his patient guidance, but there are still some things that puzzle me. For instance, why I cannot seem to tie a bowline, why a rope is called a line – unless it is a mainsheet or halyard, or why the bathroom is called the head.

Sailing the BVI? Don’t Be a Dingy With Out Your Dinghy

While sailing the BVI the sea and its many pleasures are never far away. Islands of all sizes dot the crystal blue waters, creating one of the world’s most varied and beautiful sailing grounds. Dozens of charter boats from bareboats to luxury crewed yachts cruise the waters offering a myriad of ways for sailing the BVI. The many delights of visiting the islands’ peaceful anchorages, beach bars and waterside restaurants are easily accessible, but unless you plan to swim ashore, you will need to use the inflatable dinghy that comes with your charter.

Cheap Living on a Sailboat Is Fun and Smart Living

Cheap living on a sailboat is fun, the fact that it is cheap is a bonus. For eight years we lived on our sailboat in the Caribbean, from the Virgin Islands in the North to Trinidad and Venezuela in the South. We had a wonderful time and spent around a thousand dollars a month in doing so. How is it so cheap?

Sailing Tips Secrets – These Five Sailing Rope Secrets Can Save You Time and Money!

Did you know that marine rope can cost several dollars per foot? That can add up to big costs if you have to replace sheets, anchor line, or docking lines. Save money with these five super sailing tips that can extend your rope life by 50% or more!

The AIS Live Ship Tracking System Explained

An AIS system integrates a standardised VHF transceiver with the ship’s electronic navigation sensors (e.g. a gyrocompass or rate of turn indicator) as well as with a external positioning system such as a GPS receiver.

Understanding Home Boat Storage

Before you buy your first boat you need to give some thought to how you plan on storing it in the off-season. This could be in your driveway, in a garage or shed on your property, or in a commercial storage facility. In this article we’ll look at the self-storing options.

Sailing Schools Provide Recreational Not Commercial Instruction

Whether your aim is to day sail in enclosed waters or navigate the globe, attending a sailing school may be a wise decision. Sailing instruction schools have courses across all knowledge levels. They provide instruction across many sailing topics including crewing, helming, handling the sails, seamanship, inshore navigation, coastal navigation and open-ocean (both electronic and celestial).

Sailing Schools Focused On Recreational Not Commercial Training

Regardless of whether you want to day sail in enclosed waters or circumnavigate the globe, attending a sailing school can be a wise choice. Sail schools are sure to have a course to suit virtually anyone interested in sailing for pleasure. They provide training and instruction in a broad range of competencies including crewing, steering or helming, handling sails, seamanship and navigation.

Sailing Cruise: All You Need To Know About Planning The Vacation

Ordinary events can be made something very special and extra ordinary when they are planned on a sailing cruise. Family gatherings, picnics, weddings, vacations, etc.

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