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Going Green With a Sailing Charter Yacht

Nowadays people, when trying to decide on a new place for their holidays, are usually concerned about the environment and try to find ways to be eco-friendly and ensure their contact with nature. One of the most environmentally friendly choices for a vacation is sailing around a group of islands, such as the Cyclades.

Enjoy Family Fun in the Sun on a Sailing Holiday

Ensuring you have family holiday insurance makes any holiday more relaxing – no matter how adventurous. A family sailing holiday could be perfect for you!

Best Way to Visit Greek Islands

Sailing in the Greek islands usually means cruising just a few miles from one island to the other – or around one island only – finding the right spots to swim and have a good time on your day, while spending the night at the harbor when you can enjoy the nightlife. Sailing in the Greek islands is more like discovering land and people than crossing the seas. You could either join a group of fellow explorers and be near the crowd or set sail to privacy and get to know the people you came with in the most memorable way.

Cruising! Just Do It!

Cruising takes courage… to follow your dream, sell the house, buy a yacht and sail away into the blue yonder! So when is the right time to ‘just do it’!

Things You Must Know About Marine Valuation Surveys

People looking to buy a boat or any other water vessel, should get it checked by a marine surveyor before finalizing the deal. This will allow them to gather knowledge about the kind of defects the watercraft has.

A Traveler’s Guide to Boracay Island Hopping

What is Boracay without an exquisite island hopping tour? I mean, really, Boracay is home to thirteen beaches made of soft, white powdery sand and bluish, transparent water, along with an exceptional variety of aquatic life and coral reefs which are multi-colored.

Sailing Costa Rica

I have sailed my whole life in fact growing up on Cape Cod it is practically a law for a kid in his teens to own a sailboat. In fact I recall my dad helping buy my first sunfish.

Importance of Marine Surveys

If you own a boat or a yacht and want the vessel to stay in good shape for years to come, get it inspected by a marine surveyor. Such inspections can also help you in preventing accidents.

The Glamorous Pampelonne Beach on the French Riviera

St. Tropez and the French Riviera region has always been viewed as the playground for the rich, the famous and the beautiful.

The Advantages of Aluminium Alloy in Boat Construction

As any experienced boat enthusiast knows most boats are made from fibre glass or G.R.P glass reinforced plastic or even wood if it is an older vessel.

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