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Caribbean Sea – Facts That Help You Have the Charter of Your Life

The Caribbean Sea is one of the largest seas in the world. The possibilities to explore all the diverse and interesting islands are vast. You can dive in the most amazing waters or play plenty of other water sports. Go shopping, play golf, admire beautiful colonial architecture and sample the varied cuisine prepared by friendly locals. Enjoy the typical relaxed Caribbean lifestyle, sipping on rum cocktails listening to steel drums while you watch the sunset. Here we have compiled the facts that help you to have the yacht charter of your life.

Canary Islands – Challenges and Highlights of Sailing the Atlantic

Sailing in the Canaries is pure bliss. There are two different climates due to the gulf stream near the easternmost islands. This creates a vast array of landscapes for you to enjoy. The seven main islands are bursting with rich wildlife, interesting culture and fun things to do. The cruising grounds are large and a brilliant territory for the experienced sailor. So let us tell you about the challenges and and highlights of sailing in the Atlantic.

Mesmerizing Thailand – 5 Questions You Want to Get Answered for Your Boating Vacation

Thailand´s beaches have featured in many world famous movies and it´s an incredible experience to sail your charter yacht around those beautiful islands. The friendly locals, interesting culture, brilliant cuisine and rich wildlife as well as stunning landscape will all contribute to your ideal charter experience. The tropical climate moderated by monsoon winds makes sailing trips possible throughout the year. And countless islands with a vast amount of coastline offer never-ending options for itineraries. In the following we answer 5 crucial questions you have when going on a boating holiday in Thailand.

Yacht Charter in the Ionian Sea – Sailing Holidays for the Family

The Ionian Islands offer perfect sailing conditions with moderate winds that are great for sailing holidays with the family. There are a multitude of cruising grounds for you to choose from. A yacht charter in the Greek Ionian Sea is very affordable.

Yacht Charter in the Seychelles – Do You Know the ABCs of Sailing This Archipelago?

The Seychelles have got far more to offer than coconut trees and giant turtles. The archipelago is one of the most fascinating natural paradises in the whole world. It is home to a truly unique flora and fauna that makes cruising around those islands an unforgettable, magical adventure. The Seychelles are perfectly suited for sailors that prefer relaxed and stress-free sailing. Experience the incredibly rich nature and pure Robinson Crusoe feeling on a charter yacht.

Stephanie Dawn: “To Live on a Sailboat Means to Be Free”

Four years ago Stephanie Dawn and her fiance Louis Goodier decided to start to live on their boat, Thumbsucker, a Davidson 28 (8,5 metres). They don’t quit their jobs, they live in the city center; but what does it mean to live in a so special apartment?

What Types Of Detailing Products Should I Use for Boats?

You can ask a boat detailing or yacht cleaning professional what the best type of wax is for marine vessels and you will get a different answer every time. Perhaps it is for this reason that I give advice sparingly to those in the industry when they ask me such specific question. Recently, I had this discussion with a successful entrepreneur who owns a boat and yacht cleaning and detailing service on the East Coast. Let’s talk about this and hopefully this will clear up a bit as to why everyone is so divided over which products to use.

Sailing, the Canary Islands and Why We Favour RYA Over ASA

I touch on some history relevant to sailing and man taking to the water. I then go on to talk about sailing around the Canary Islands and the different licensing bodies; ASA & RYA.

Yacht Detailing And Breaking Into A New Marina

Starting a Boat Detailing Business can be difficult. First you have to attain the skills, then you have to get customers and then you have to work efficiently or you won’t make any money. Worse, getting new business can be difficult when Marinas have exclusive deals with your yacht detailing competitors. These boat and yacht cleaners and detailers have established relationships and that often leads to a tough barrier to entry for a new boat detailer start-up company.

Family Sailing With Babies

In case you have a passion for sailing family vacations but this time have a newly born baby to think about; all is not lost! You just need just a little mindful preparation and also groundwork. Nowadays, taking your child along with you can be entertaining and insightful for both you as well as your little one. Yachts and also boats are in certainty well suited for new families; they are small and rounded with enough fitted storage space, low risk electrics and also low-level features great for plain cruising. If you keep cruising days short it is possible to schedule valuable time ashore to discover some wonderful spots and also idyllic islands. What’s not to like?

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