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What You Need to Know Prior to Hiring a Self-Drive River Boat

Self-Drive boating holidays can be great for all the family. As long as you take note of safety precautions when on Rivers and Waterways as well as choose the best river house boat you can hire. Boating holidays can offer holiday makers fishing, canoeing, sailing and many other enjoyable activities.

Sailboat Cruising Techniques – Do You Know How to Nest Your Sailboat?

If you are anything like me, nothing beats the camaraderie of being with other cruising folks, sharing good sea stories, food, and drink. And not many things are more fun than nesting–or tying up alongside each other at anchor. But you need to know how to do this special boat anchoring technique for sailings safety. Follow these steps.

Homemade Plywood Boats – Boat Building Parts Within Your Reach

Homemade plywood boats are simple to build and easy on the wallet. Boats have often been seen as a luxury item. It is true with boats that are typically sold by manufacturers, but if you construct them yourselves, then boats can be within your reach. Most people will either choose to purchase a Boat Plan or boat building parts.

Learn to Sail Like a Pro – What Does Your Sailing Spare Parts Kit Look Like?

If you are anything like me, when you first learn to sail, it’s easy to forget about extra parts to carry aboard. Are you prepared to replace each cotter pin on your standing rigging? Would you be able to get home–without the help of SeaTow–if your mainsail ripped across a seam? Here are the most vital sailboat kit components you need for sailing safety

Top 5 Most Picturesque Places to Sail

Having sailed in many countries, I have come up with my top five favorite sailing adventures. I thought you might enjoy reading about my adventures and going to your favorite search engine to see photos to day dream about your next sail.

The Famous Bluenose and the Bluenose 2 – History Under Sail

In the early 1900s two factors brought about the creation of the International Fisherman’s Trophy. Years of rivalry between Canadian and US fishing schooners and the opinions the schooner men had about the America’s Cup. The yachts that participated in the race for the America’s Cup were always being towed for repairs or adjustments and then in 1919 the New York Yacht Club canceled a race due to a high wind of 23 knots.

Sailing Magazines Considered

Most everyone who sails takes at least one sailing, yachting, or cruising magazine. And there are some fine publications out there. Some are absolutely wonderful, with magnificent pictures, charts, maps, and helpful hints for the sailboat and yacht owner.

Sailing Around Cape Horn – There Are Those Who Are Brave and Brazen Enough to Dare

Imagine sailing a toy boat around Cape Horn? Imagine sailing from California to the most Southern part of Peru, getting shipwrecked, repairing your sailboat with the help of the Peruvian Navy, and then completing that journey by sailing back to the East Coast of the US completing 20,000 miles, give or take? Along your journey you are visited by wayward Indians, 14-foot wing spanned albatross, and Pterodactyl sized condors wondering if they were a good omen or a bad one?

Sailboat Cruising Secrets – Sailing Tips From a 2000 Year Old Sailor

Are you sure that your small cruising boat has what it takes to handle the unexpected? Do you know the #1 most vital thing you can do to insure your sailing safety–and that of your sailing crew. A young sailor from over 2000 years ago made a single statement that defines what it means for all of us to follow every time we set sail.

Sailboat Safety – Single Handing

Safety is the priority, not how much food, equipment, charts you have… It is your personal safety that matters and what you are going to do about it.

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