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Picking the Best Boat for Your Sailing Holiday

For some people, the call of the ocean is too strong, and they can’t wait to get out there and tackle it themselves. For others, they are happy to sit back and relax while others do the tackling. Fortunately for everyone, there is a choice in sail boats when it comes to sailing vacations.

Boating for Yourself This Holiday

Sailing holidays can be fun and adventurous, or serene and relaxed; it all depends on what you want. They can last as long as you want, some holidays branching out for a month, or they can be a short sail that is completed in a day. Sailing is a great idea for a holiday because it’s all up to you.

Having A Fun And Safe Sailing Trip At Lake Elmo State Park, Montana

There are many things that you can do when you visit Lake Elmo State Park. It is not only a place famous for sailing, but other recreational activities can be done in the place as well. You will never run out of things to do while in this place and also you will enjoy sailing in this peaceful site.

How to Start a Boat and Yacht Detailing Business

If you are thinking about starting a boat and yacht washing, cleaning, and detailing company then the first thing you need to do is get out to the local marina and find out what’s available to wash. Are there a good number of mega yachts, are there several yacht brokers, and will the marina even let you wash boats in place? You may find that you need insurance, permits, and business licenses before you can even start.

The Do-It-Yourselfer Sail Boat Owner – A Value to the Marina and Your Boat Cleaning Business

For those who run boat cleaning companies it pays to know your potential customers well. So, as a discussion point, let’s talk about the private sail boat owner – how they can play a role in the success of your business. Not only as a customer, but also as a word-of-mouth advertising and marketing friend, and before I start this dialogue let me make it clear that for your business to be all it can be, you need to know as many boat and yacht owners as you can around your local marina.

Sailing As a Day Skipper

Royal Yachting Association sailing qualifications are known worldwide and gained through professional boating and leisure boating educational programs. Competency testing to prove practical skills in boating can open doors to sailing careers. These courses give those sailing a peace of mind only gained by knowing that their or another’s sailing skills are sound.

Missed Goal Becomes An Amazing Adventure

While living out a bucket list dream of sailing across the Atlantic Ocean, things go literally backwards. A two and half day storm 1000 miles off the coast of Morocco takes us back east to a group of the little known islands of Cape Verde Africa. As fate would have it this amazing place brought me closer to another bucket list goal of stepping on all 7 continents. Better still it was an adventure of a life time.

Tobago Sailing

The Lat Long co-ordinates for Scarborough the main port in Tobago is 11 degrees 12 Minutes North and 60 degrees 44 minutes West. There are two main ports of entry into Tobago, Scarborough to the south side of the Island and Charlotteville north-east of the Island. Tobago is a great place to explore by yacht and I hope this article inspires you to make a visit?

Why Sailing?

In this article we answer the ever popular question… why sailing? Some people just love ships and being out on water, some for the fishing and others for islands hopping. Sailing is a traditional way of exploring and sightseeing and draws the attention of many travellers throughout the world.

Wanting to Learn How to Sail? RYA Courses Are the Perfect Solution

Every year more and more people learn to sail. The hobby is a growing phenomenon that is rekindling the sense of adventure in so many. The Royal Yachting Association (RYA) offers a number of courses that anyone can take online or in a class.

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