The Stress and Anxiety of a Chill Winter Sail — Sailing Uma

All right, let’s get out of here – try to follow. Basically our course out here:  all right, I’m ready when you are , successful, good job like pretty much leaving and getting underway solo yeah man do. I get like some close-up shots and then yeah i still have. I still have 25 minutes it hasn’t. It hasn’t given me any kind of warnings, yet nice we’re like the downwind by the way.

Yeah, it’s snowing. Wait. It’s raining! No, it’s snowing. Let me land the drone yeah.

Don’t want me to catch it on the port side before that shift. Should i like nope another thing: all right, trying that again yeah it was too high yeah and then it freaked out. I don’t know why. I knew i didn’t have that for some reason. I knew that i was going to that up any prop damage.

I managed to fly through the boat crash it and then recover it. I don’t like flying this drone. I wish we could catch the other drone. Oh, but i like, i knew i didn’t have that landing. I shouldn’t have pushed it yeah.

I should have just gone backwards. I should have gone. I should have left and come back like yeah something about when i was coming and i was like. I don’t have this and i kind of forced it, and i knew i shouldn’t that’s it. I’M done.

Let’s um, let’s jive like , so uh, we we almost lost our drone today. Every time we fly the drone, it’s like there goes two grand. I hope you get the best yeah. We haven’t braved the elements yet to just fly the drone, while we’re actually like epically sailing, because every time we make sure that it’s in common of condition that we can catch it. But even then it’s like there’s such a big chance that we just lose everything.

Oh, my god, what would we do for the shots and sleep for a week? It’s like selling isn’t stressful, but flying the drone and catching the drone whoo. The most stressful part of a sailing channel yeah flying that drone will catch yeah flying the drone, while we’re sailing for some reason like i know it’s just money, but it is two grand yeah like and and it’s i don’t know something about it. It’s more stressful than any situation we’ve been on the boat. I need to like go to a therapist about my anxiety about drone flying.

I feel, like you, know those videos of like the military pilots landing helicopters on moving ships and they’re, like matching the motion and they’re like trying to land on the ship. That’s rocking around. I feel like that. Even though it’s like calm only your life isn’t endanger. When you do that, only my fingers does it.

I just change the settings on that drone. That thing i hate flying that drone. I, like the little one so much better yeah, but the bigger one is easier for me to catch, but that little one, the little one never be able to catch it. Unless you just like. Oh my gosh yeah.

I would have to have some like steel gloves and just like go and just grab it no i’ll see. If i can change some sensitivity settings because, like it’s, it’s too sensitive all right. Well, i guess we’re going to be continuing our lovely sale without any more drone footage, at least no more drone footage for today we’re [ Music ] done well, we’ve turned a little bit more into the fjord, so the wind is starting to get lighter and uh. It’s time to roll the spinner back out, it’s nice and calm sailing out here now, it’s good for my it’s good for my emotional well-being. It’s good for my psychology, psychological state, beautiful hell’s here, never knew the right words until i found you.

These eyes are never opened all right. The means come over [, Music ]. It’s we just made our final turn and are officially out of the Trondheim fjord. Now uh. We have about six miles before we make it to the marina that we marked, which would be a perfect amount of time before the sun sets.

Well now it says we’re gonna make it at seven o’clock so but yeah. I think i think we should make it there before sunset. So far it’s been a really chill sale. I’M not complaining! It’s not that cold and it’s super chill only den is a little bit mad because he keeps saying that the current would be with us, but the current was never with us the entire time.

I don’t get it 3.8 through the water and we’re sailing for over ground we’re 5.6 to the water. Since we have two and a half knots 2.2 knots of current against this, i can’t believe it kika every time.

You think that we’re going to be with the current and we make a turn it’s like boom, two knots against you, it’s freaking ridiculous and as far as we’ve been able to tell so far, we have not found a single good uh forecast of the currents and The title patterns here in Norway, the tide coming up and down, is well forecasted, but like the currents in and around all, these things are completely like 50 50 and they seem to always be against us. We were supposed to have four knots with us. The whole sail out and we had zero current and now we come around the corner and it’s supposed to be a rising tie, which means it’s supposed to be going north and we have two knots against us. So i don’t know, i don’t get it. It’s just uh, i feel like it’s like random.

It’s not random. I feel like it’s random, but also we haven’t found a place like a good database. There’s no database we’ve been able to find yet that that has information on the currents. At least detailed. I mean offshore currents are different, but detailed, like currents around in all the fjords and how they eddie and how they spin.

We haven’t found any good information on that. So if you guys know of any, let us know we’d love to know what the current is doing, because we do not it’s a nice departure. It’s pretty, we didn’t get too wet, didn’t get too cold. It wasn’t too cool because how many layers are you wearing now how many movies one two four it’s cold out here? Two of them are pants they’re, only four jackets and two pants.

Somehow that equals seven. They say i also have. I think i have wait. Oh, i can’t i have like one glove one hand for the camera, so this hand is always freezing. I have marina wool fleece puffer pants-ish um, toasty toasty, I’m just going to assume that he waved high because i waved high, but i couldn’t see but like for.

I don’t think he would have tied no reason something can’t really see through the window, but, like i always with high just in case they sawship, I’m probably going to get you by the white boat, so, like I’m gonna almost aim at it, can you not jump? I can go forward a bit more okay. Well, three two one was like. I can’t just check it. No, it’s good [, Music, ], it’s okay!

We have space yeah, we’re just fine, we’re there. cool. We got here, don’t die, we got here and you fall in the ocean. No, we got here just in time. The sun is starting to set and we have time to dock dock a second time: uh prep the boat, because the wind is gonna start becoming a little um spicy within the next couple of hours.

So yeah, i think, we’re pretty much pretty much prepared for it now. So there’s also an airport, a military airport right here, so hopefully they’re not going to take off and land in the middle of the night. I think what do you think? I love you. Okay, no passionately absolutely no.

I was gonna say that i think you did a really good uh attempt record like what what do they call the air aircraft touch and go touch and go. It was a touch and go touch and go yeah. Yeah fly by. We were like one meter off, i probably could have jumped, but i like there’s no reason to go back around. I think we were about like here.

You would have no. We were a meter further than that, like i could have jumped, but like i, i wanted you to go back around again and like, and you did like a perfect oval came back in. Second time was much better, so it was good yeah. No, i i know what i did wrong. The first time i i turned too harshly too fast like too early and the wind kind of and the wind yeah took the bow and it was yeah, and so i had to go around but then the second time yeah.

I knew what to do so. Hunker down and let’s wait for uh the 40 knots of wind tomorrow yeah seriously, i was just gonna film you going inside. Oh, i can go inside yeah, but you can, i think, don’t shut me outside. No, no wait. They don’t know you’re outside bye, okay, foreign

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