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Sailing Navigation Secrets – Mark Your Nautical Chart With Magic Art!

Did you realize that you can make your chart easier to see, with less clutter? And that you can do this with simple office tools to save eye strain, make sailing navigation safer, and chart work easier? Use these easy steps for safer sailing navigation anywhere in the world.

Broom Boats Review: Broom 395

In this article a motor boat enthusiast shares his experience on the Broom 395. This boat review will give you an insight into why the 395 is one of Broom’s more popular models.

Learn to Sail Like a Pro – How Mainsail Draft Gives You Power and Performance!

If you are anything like me, when you first learned to sail, you may have wondered why sails were so expensive! After all, just why do you pay so much for a hunk of cloth that looks like a triangle that hooks onto a pole that hangs on a boat? And then the secret revealed itself…

Bring on the Superyachts!

Is there anything Monaco can do better than Mallorca? Port Adriano has everything to become the new hotspot of the Mediterranean jet set. But is the rest of the island prepared for a million-dollar public?

Seven Sailing Tips to Prepare Your Boat for a Hurricane!

No matter where you live, you can expect to be visited by storm conditions. You need to make sure that your small sailboat has the best chance of survival–in her slip or at the dock. Learn to sail like a pro with these seven sailing tips that will give you peace-of-mind when heavy weather comes your way.

Why the Cyclades Are the Best Islands in Greece for Sailing

Renowned throughout the whole Mediterranean as a idyllic and picturesque holiday destination, the Cyclades archipelago in Greece are also among the favorites of yacht charter sailors for the extensive sailing possibilities they offer with the 220 islands that are centered around the ancient sacred island of Delos. Although most of the islands are uninhabited, there is a handful that are well known among the Greece holidaymakers and whose names appear often of the leaflets of travel agents. These are Mykonos, Naxos, Paros and Santorini, all steeped in history, but also with breathtaking scenery which constitutes gathering places for sun…

Learn to Sail Like a Pro – Three Sailing Tips to Increase Your Sailing Speed!

How would you like to pump more speed into your sailing when beating to windward? If you want to learn to sail like a pro, you’ll want to add these three little-known techniques to your treasure chest of sailing skipper skills!

Come Sailing in the Dodecanese Islands

The name derives from the number of islands – 12, and it would translate to “The 12 Islands”, referring to their number as the Dodecanese are exactly 12 large ones and an additional 150 smaller ones, all of them located in the southwestern coast of Turkey. Out of the whole archipelago, only 26 islands are inhabited.

What to Pack for a Sailboat Vacation?

List of necessary things you have to pack when going on a sailboat vacation. Useful for the first time sailors as well as for the experienced one.

Learn to Sail Like a Pro – Three Nautical Calculations Every Sailing Skipper Should Know!

If you want to learn to sail like a pro, you will want to understand nautical terms like length overall, length at the waterline, and beam width. Just what do these nautical terms mean and how do they relate to your sailing safety, speed, and comfort?

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