We Bought a Bluewater Sailboat

Gosh, looking at that boat in the morning light, it’s just so gorgeous. Its really hard to believe that we’re actually considering moving our lives onto this boat. When we found out about attacks as bulkhead, it was just such an all-time low. You know and standing here looking at this boat, I just I’m amazed that it really turned around. I feel so: lucky man.

What a beautiful boat yeah! I can’t actually believe that that might be Atticus too. Its really bizarre. I can imagine like walking around a boatyard and seeing a boat like that, splashing and being like wow, that’s a really nice boat. Those owners must be really proud of that.

So we haven’t bought the boat yet, but we have an accepted offer on it and basically, what that means is that uh tomorrow we’re going to be doing a sea trial, so we’re going to take the boat out. Its going to be the two of us, our broker Bernie a surveyor. I think the selling broker is going to be there and we’re basically just going to test all the systems and make sure that everything works like it’s supposed to, and if everything does work, then we’re going to buy it] all right well. Welcome to our new home, this is our nice little hotel room in Brantford, Connecticut, we’ll be staying here until we potentially close on Atticus 2 on our next boat. So in last week’s episode, we were kind of weighing the pros and cons of the valiant 42 in Seattle or the specific c-craft 40 in Brantford, and we ended up going with the pacific c-craft 40, mostly because I think it’ll have a really nice interior for a Family of four, which we hope to start pretty soon and financially, it’s just a way better option.

The pacific is crafts 40 offers so much more value and we can use the money that we save to really outfit. It is exactly how we want to in the next couple of months. So, as I mentioned earlier, this pacific Seacraft 40 was asking 230 and we made an offer of, I think. Initially, it was 200 000 and they rejected that offer and brought it up to 210, and so that’s what our offer on that boat is right. Now, 210, 000 Tomorrow, we’re going to be doing the sea trial and survey it’ll, give us the opportunity to potentially pull out if the boat isn’t in the condition we thought it was in, or we can adjust the price if there are systems that need some fixing and then, if Its perfect and nothing wrong.

Then we just go ahead and buy the boat. A lot is kind of coming down to the wire tomorrow, because we’ve been, I mean, I’ve been researching for Atticus 2 for years now, and then you know the last couple months we’ve been on this boat road trip and talking to experts and trying to learn as Much as we can and like all of that work and research and time has just is going to culminate in tomorrow with this sea trial. So the next step is we’re going to tomorrow morning to meet our surveyor Dave for the first time and just have breakfast and kind of chat over the game plan: hey, are you Dave? I am all right nice to meet you.

Yes, are you excited about today’s uh big survey, uh, probably not as excited as you guys, but yeah, I’m looking forward to it. It should be a good time. So, what’s the goal today, what’s the game plan? Really, I’m just trying to give you guys the best information you can for the vessel, I’m trying to be objective to let you know hey. This is your boat, and these are the faults that I found.

These are the good things that I found because a lot of times when the purchaser is on the boat, you can be emotionally invested in it. So you might overlook something be like yeah, that battery’s got 18 terminal lugs on the battery there, but it’s a really good vote. So sometimes it’s good to have a disinterested third party to say: yeah yeah sure it’s a great boat. Just so you know you might want to take a look at some of this other stuff too. So, hopefully, when we get back you guys, I have all the information you need to make a good decision on your next boat yeah.

Thank you. So much we’re like this has been an interesting experience and we’re learning a lot. So it’s so nice to have people who are so experienced and so like friendly and cool, don’t cry shut it! You excited buddy yeah! I just like can’t get over the fact that, like this might be our boat, you know it feels so surreal.

I hear you, it looks so nice. It does try to keep up with this guy Bernie holy moly, hey, hey! You know, one good! Look guy, after I got to get like a 360 shot of this hairdo. Okay, that is looking good, so we’re about ready to get the survey underway, but just coming down here and looking around the boat looks so much nicer with light coming in.

You know like, without it being super dark and under the tent. So, oh just like so ecstatic right now, even like contemplating living on this thing tv, VCR, before we get started Dave’s going through all of the plumbing stuff. In the fresh water system and there’s a foot pump here and it doesn’t seem to be pushing water out so like with this, do you basically just say like foot pump, not functioning optimally or something yeah? Thats exactly how i write it up. So when you see it in the report, you’ll see manual foot and hand pump, not pumping water gotcha um.

Obviously they are pumping a little bit of water. That could be something as simple as bleeding the line farther down. Its just not something that I’m going to get into during the survey all right time to shove off and hit the high seas, all right, man pretty day. I feel like we really lucked out with the weather yeah. You know, I mean yeah, it’s just so nice.

So, while the end is running, I took some temperature reads to make sure that everything that was cool is supposed to be cool and everything. That’s warm supposed to be warm and now we’re going to have the driver bring the boat to a slow stop. Then I’m going to have him back the boat up and then put it back forward. So I can watch the engine to make sure that the engine mounts are working the way they’re supposed to be. So right now we’re trying to determine if the alternator is actually putting out a charge on the boat.

We did detect the charge current when we had the short power hooked up and the charger was installed. But right now, when we connect the house battery bank to the voltmeter, I got 1248 and it is not increasing charge. We also ran up the engine just to make sure that the alternator was engaged and still no charge good news is something I’ve been a little concerned about his head room with the boom and it looks like I’ve definitely got clearance. So I don’t have to worry about that: . How does it feel bad yeah first time at the helm, feels really good?

It feels surreal. Yeah, got the autopilot up and running and just standing here looking at the instruments, it’s a whole other world of like information in front of me, wow long day, yeah, it was productive, though we definitely like found a couple systems that have some issues. No huge red flags, in fact, if anything, it was kind of surprising being on a boat where, like every system for the most part, functioned you know and be like hot water, hot yeah, yeah pressure, water, pressurized, yeah everything was radar. Yeah, that’s good! That works.

I guess I was just in shock, it’s just like really hitting me for the first time that, like this is going to, be the boat that we’re actually going to be living on. It just feels so crazy. I feel so lucky. We’ve got the rig survey tomorrow morning, so a really good river friend of ours is coming to just sort of check everything involving the mast and the rigging and the lines and just make sure that that’s all in you know good condition and good to go. So time to get some sleep and to hit it again tomorrow morning hit it right, quit it getting ready with it.

I’m the rigonator, I’m a rigger, all right good morning so day, two of the survey and today we’ve got our rigging expert Tim. Helping us out and uh we’re going to be going over everything uh that we can and see what he thinks of the condition of the rig, the rig, meaning the mast boom and all the wires and hardware that keep the mast and boom in place is. Arguably, the most important system on the boat, but finding and identifying major and minor concerns with the rig can be very difficult for an amateur. Having Tim go over every little detail with me and pointing out potential problems, was super helpful and gave me a great head start on our boat project list. Should we buy this boat, the balls, the balls are getting flattened, I can feel it basically.

I call them speed, bumps yeah, my new speed, bumps yeah right. All four of these springs aren’t attached to, so you can. These things engage with the spring one’s missing and three of them are not attached. You’re in good shape, yeah tall, but good shape. Yeah, you mean the me or the boat you, okay, yeah.

Overall, what would what’s your uh overall diet? It’s a 23-year-old mast. Yeah! You know the rigging is original. I don’t think that’s a problem yeah!

I think you can in the time. I think you can do it yourself, you’ve done it before yeah and were there any red flags overall yeah personally, no, it’s just the mass is in good shape. It just needs a little loving, yeah gotcha, you know cool. Well, thanks a lot Tim, I really appreciate the help yeah and great, like we said. We really appreciate all the help you’ve given us.

You know over like the last year. Thank you. I didn’t learn this overnight. Yeah, right, I just was able to be around a lot of great people, yeah that taught me there and then I’m doing it now, yeah, I’m playing it forward. Just got done with the rig survey with Tim and basically nothing crazy.

No reasons not to buy it so yeah, what’s what’s next Bernie well, what’s pretty much! Next is after two days of surveys, if you guys ever need a good survey, this guy’s really good a very thorough, and I mean that very much so we haven’t been in business for 25 years, so Dave. What do you really actually find that were really important? Uh, well, I went ahead and emailed you guys the full report, so you have that already before I take off some of the bigger things I think you might be concerned about is the electrical system so the way the wiring is run on the boat. It’s not like it’s bad, it’s not going to cause you a fire as soon as you start the boat, but there are some things that have room for improvement there and then the alternator is not currently charging.

I’m not positive. Why that happened, but I tested that several times with different meters you’re not getting any charge voltage coming out of there and same thing with the inverter. The inverter is not turning dc and ac power. It is but it’s just not doing it the right way. So, for instance, instead of having 120 volts coming out of the inverter, you guys have like 80 or 90 for some reason.

Gotcha, and I mean that’s important basically because well especially the alternator. We wouldn’t be able to leave shore power right right, yeah and then the inverter I mean we can kind of live with that. But it’s still a major part of the whole system, but being your broken things is the most important critical component is that we don’t sweat the small stuff and it is a and negotiations is really based on making good music between the buy and the seller. Where everybody feels comfortable with the decisions, we don’t sweat, the small stuff in light bulbs, you know a stuck shiv here or there: okay, one little rope clutch, but when you’re just going to strictly be a 12-fold boat, so the core of the boat being 12 volts Is not functioning properly yeah and even if you don’t bite a boat, it’s still going to be the seller’s responsibility to make the boat saleable and sellable to the next person, but because you guys are buying a boat. We have to come to a conclusion that works for all parties involved, so I’m going to go back and add up what I think this work is going to could tell and come back with a number that’s going to be workable for you design Jordan and then we send it to the listing broker, Dave Randall at Crusader Yacht Sales and let him do his work and earn his money and work with us as a team.

So that’s where we’re at now. So this whole process has been pretty exhausting, but I just cannot wait to move on to this boat it just it already feels like home. So hopefully the paperwork goes well and we can move in in a couple days. Well, we are uh here at a really cool, really pretty park in Brantford and we’re just kind of trying to walk off a little bit of anxiety that we’ve got right now, um after the rigging survey, which was yesterday, we sent in our revised like price adjustment And, basically, to fix everything that we found in the surveys or would cost on like at a minimum 7 500, but potentially more so Bernie recommended that we adjust the price by 10 000 and that way, if the seller came back and wanted to negotiate, we’d have A little bit of like elbow room before we get down to that minimum of what we think it would cost, and so that’s what we did. We sent an adjustment.

A survey adjustment of ten thousand dollars sent that to the listing broker. Yesterday, right after the survey – and we haven’t heard back – we had told them that we were hoping to make this process go quickly, so we could move on board soon. So it’s very surprising that we haven’t heard anything and I’m a little worried. What do you think bud? How are you feeling ugh?

I just feel super anxious. You know, I guess it’s the uncertainty, that’s really getting to me. Its just. We haven’t heard anything from them in 24 hours more than 24 hours. I guess I’m just worried that it like the deal might fall through or maybe we offended them or I don’t really know like it’s just this uncertainty.

The boat hunt was stressful in and of itself, but when we finally kind of put our hearts and souls into like okay, this is going to be Atticus too. I’ve like put my heart into this boat and I’ve invested into this boat. But now I’m wondering if that’s going to be like sucked out from under me. If, like it’s, not going to happen, you know so I know it’s in a way, maybe irrational or silly to worry this much like, maybe they’re, just busy um, but I’m just really anxious, [Music]. Well, it’s been a stressful couple of days.

Let me just tell you that on Sunday we did end up hearing back from the listing broker and he basically said that the owner wasn’t thrilled with our price adjustment that we sent. So he wanted to head down to the yard and kind of see everything for himself. We both met him at the yard on Monday to go, take a look at the boat and we walked him through all the items that we had on the price adjustment from the survey, and we basically got on the same page. He saw where we were coming from um. He did want to have someone from the yard to check the core system issues that we found with the electrical system and long story short.

The alternator started to work, which is awesome, so I’m not really sure why that happened. Maybe, with the yard worker we increased the rpms of the engine higher than we did during the survey. The yard worker was able to confirm that the inverter was not inverting. Now, all of this that, like the the owner coming down and checking out the boat and then the yard, checking the boat. That whole thing took like three days and yet, like the amount of time that human beings needed to be doing stuff was like two hours.

Top so it was a very like anxious, stressful couple of days, we’re like trying to get the ball rolling, we’re getting more familiar with the hotel room. We basically got together with Bernie our broker and sent off a revised purchase price adjustment. The new purchase price adjustment is asking 205, so it’s a 5 000 adjustment. So now we are waiting to hear back from the owner, slash the listing broker and we sent this revised price adjustment yesterday. So that would have been Monday night and now it’s Tuesday night, and so we haven’t heard back in like 24 hours.

Nothing like just zero communication. It’d be one thing if we were just like going about our normal daily lives like going to work living in where we live or if they said hey, we saw your adjustment. Give us two days to get back to you right. I could be like okay great. I can fill my time with, like the appropriate amount of work yeah and get some stuff done, but we’ve just been like any minute.

The phone could run right now and we’re like going to move aboard. You know yeah and it’s just hasn’t happened. So we’re really hoping that they get back to us by tomorrow morning, okay, well, we uh still haven’t heard back from the listing broker or the owner and it’s uh. Well, it’s noon! It’s 12 o’clock noon, yeah!

So, oh god, I’m so nervous! I know I’m just at this point, I’m just so like dejected. You know we get our hopes up every day, don’t hear back, and then we just have to like extend our hotel day by day. This hotel isn’t really equipped for people to hang out like hermits. In their room and like use it like a little apartment, so yeah, there’s no kitchen, there’s yeah, so we’re just making sandwiches for breakfast lunch.

Here’s our broker, hey Bernie yeah! No, that makes sense. No. I really appreciate you doing that. All right see you Bernie bye.

Oh, so Bernie was just saying that he’s been trying to get a hold of the listing broker like all morning and he’s just not really been able to get in touch with him. He finally just drove down to their office and like walked in and was like. Listen like what are we doing, I mean it sounds like the listing broker is just really busy. He’s got a lot going on right now. The listing broker and the seller are kind of going over the numbers for all the systems that would need to be worked on and replaced and seeing if five 5 000 is appropriate, that’s just a huge load off my mind.

Its been like 36 hours. Now that we’ve just not really known if they were even interested in selling us the boat anymore, so we’ll see, I don’t know how long it’s going to take him to figure all this out, but hopefully soon, hey Bernie, virtual high Five man wow. Thank you so much. Oh, my gosh, okay! Well, we did it yeah.

After all, the waiting it almost feels unreal. You know yeah really. Just after five days, I was like well we’re not ever getting a boat we’re just going to live in this hotel forever, it’s going to grow old. This is our home. Now, okay, so there you go!

That’s uh! It’s basically time to pack up and like move on to the boat that is so exciting, sorry, all right guys. How does it feel weird? I can’t believe this is our new home. I know I’m so excited.

I know. Oh, man, how cool this is home.

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