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Gosh. This is so awesome. I have so much space in the refrigerator for like fresh greens and like there’s so much counter space, I’m in heaven right now, and we get to use our oven for the first time. I feel just again just like so incredibly lucky. I still feel like we’re on vacation in a way you know, but one day we’ll wake up and I’ll cook breakfast and I’ll forget like how like novel this whole thing is, and so that day i want to remember this moment and be like you are living A dream: okay, moment of truth that looks good buddy.

We have an oven. We are real adults. Now that looks good first breakfast on the boat you hungry. How do you feel ugh just really happy? You know just in awe still in shock.

I just sit here and like look around at everything and like touch it and kind of take it all in and yeah it’s just still really new and bizarre and amazing to me this is going to be an awesome like 10 years on this boat yeah. You did a good job researching and getting us here buddy. Thank you. You did a good job being eye candy in all the videos. That’s true .

So all the other boats at this marina are currently on the hard all wrapped up and winterized. So we’re the only boat, that’s splashed in the water, and so because of that they haven’t turned the water on yet on the dock. So i found a spigot at the marina got one of these like collapsible water, jerry jugs. So i am the portable water hose right now: we’re gonna have a sweat, see they’re getting hotter or I’m just getting a good workout here.

Hmm, that’s weird! What’s going on? Well, it’s getting really low yeah! It is weird yeah. The the pump’s just running and running it kind of looks like we’re just out of water.

Well, i actually just filled up the tank so that can’t be it huh. Well here let me i got ta turn the breaker off there we go. So how much did you fill it with? I put 10 gallons in 10 gallons like five minutes ago, really yeah, that’s so there’s no way we’re out of water. Huh weird!

You know a plumber, we could call well. I think i am starting to have an understanding of the freshwater system on this boat. I found that under the sink here in the galley is the freshwater manifold and there’s a couple valves down there. Three of them are labeled tank, one tank two and tank three. Luckily i was able to get my hands on the pacific seacraft owner’s manual, an electronic version.

I’ve got on my computer and this thing is amazing. Like it’s 153 pages of just like information on this boat, it was explaining that there’s three tanks on the boat there’s one under the v-berth forward, there’s another one here under the sole in the main cabin and then there’s one in the quarter berth underneath the quarterback. The other thing i didn’t realize is: i had no idea which tank we had been filling with those jerry jugs. As we’ve been filling the tanks, we’ve kind of figured out, there’s three deck fills on deck and one fill for each tank, and it appears that we’ve been filling the tank in the back, the tank in the quarter berth and there’s an inspection port there – and i Was able to confirm that that tank has quite a bit of water in it: I looked at the manifold and we’ve been drawing water out of tank, two which i assume is the one in the middle.

But i wasn’t sure what tank is the forward one and what tank is the back one? Is it tank one and three or three and one so in snooping around? I actually found that the aft tank has a label on it and it says tank three, so i went down to the manifold i’ve selected tank three. So now is the moment of truth. Let’s see if we’ve got this whole system figured out fingers crossed fingers crossed.

It would be really nice to have some water right now, okay, hitting the pump okay. I hear it it’s good, so it’s just priming right now i mean yeah. Hopefully, the water will just push all the air out. Let me turn this one. On oh, come on water.

Let there be water come on. How long does it take to prime i mean, i think i think it should have happened by now. Maybe there’s like a clog somewhere, you know there’s a lot of gunk in the bottom of that tank, so maybe the lines are clogged or something yeah. I think there’s attachment down here good. This is the strainer and like we’re picking up all kinds of gnarly gross gunk i mean that is some gross stuff yum.

So i mean, i guess, we’ll have to try to clean these tanks and just not drink out of them for a while. You know [ Music, ], hey bud, yeah. I know you’re busy on the water system, but I’m having some issues with the stove. Could you come take a look at it yeah? What’s that?

Well it lit and then it got real low and it just went out and then now i can’t even light it again so uh. I can like throw together something for lunch, but i just bought all this food, so it’d be nice. If i can cook dinner and like go through our food – and just you know, have like a working stove, so can you take a break from the water and take a look at the stove yeah? Okay, thanks yeah yeah. I can’t get it to light um.

What Desiree was saying is that, like she was able to get it to light this morning when she cooked breakfast and it had plenty of flame and lots of heat lots of propane flow, but over time that flame slowly died and died and died until. Finally, it was almost no flame at all and then it went out and then she hasn’t been able to light it since, and so i can’t figure out what’s going on here at the stove. I don’t see anything obvious, so I’m going to go to the propane locker and see if i can figure something out, I’m not entirely sure what the problem is. There’s a couple things it could be, but the fact that the amount of gas flow is can be variable tells me that there’s a good chance that it’s the regulator, the regulator, looks pretty old, there’s quite a bit of corrosion on it. So i figure I’m just going to replace the regulator and it’s funny.

This is our first boat project that we’ve done being back in the states, and so i just drove on down to west marine and they had an exact replacement. That’s super awesome: [, Music ]. It’S hard for me to not understate just how good it makes me feel when i can drive down the road to west marine and buy exactly the part that i need for the project. I’m working on we’ve spent way too much time in Central America waiting weeks to be able to finish a project like this. Whenever i do any modifications to propane systems, i always test for leaks using a 50 50 solution of soap and water.

I brush it onto all of the connections. If there’s any propane leaking, then the propane will actually cause big bubbles to blow out of the soap [ Music ]. Well, all that work – and it looks like I’m gonna – have to do it over again. You can see the stove, it started with a fairly good flame, but not long after i lit it. The flames started like going smaller and smaller and smaller.

I think what that means is. The problem is actually the solenoid, but luckily for us i actually bought one of those. While i was at west marine as well, the solenoid is an electrically controlled valve that is controlled from a switch in the galley. This switch makes sure that every time you’re done cooking, you can close the propane off at the tank so that, if you have any leaks in your system, you don’t have any propane leaking into your boat. Hey bud.

Can you hit the uh solenoid turn it on? Okay on off off, okay, that looks good, oh all, right moment of truth. Sure moment of truth, i think truth, it’s getting it’s getting late and it’s getting cold so like. Let’s see how how it looks whoa, that’s a lot! That’s a lot of flow there!

It’s looking good, that’s and that’s not looking good. It just went out on its own great well, yeah, it sure did and now it’s not lighting. Oh, what is going on no running water, no running water and no and no stuff. Welcome aboard! Oh, my god.

I’m just like so overwhelmed right now, yeah i mean I’m stoked. The funny thing is like I’m still like very happy to be here. You know I’m glad that I’m doing this work on a boat that we’re going to own for a long time, yeah that feels good what you got there well, the stove works i may or may not have fixed the problem and then forgot to open the valve At the tank last night, when you’re testing last night, when i was testing – because i was so just like tired, so propane works first uh first project on Atticus 2, complete, yes, good job buddy, you did it. Thank you any chance. You can take a look at the water system now.

Yes, i will jump on that. There’s a raise in this for you yeah you’re, looking real promising there, young whipper snapper whipper snapper, go-getter, yeah yeah, you just get down there and plumb away okay! Well, i think i might have figured it out it’s ridiculous, so i started looking through a lot of the hoses for the fresh water system just to see if i could find any like, clogging or blockages in those lines nice, but bye thanks. I noticed that the hose that comes from the tank in the quarter berth, that has a label that says tank three on it. That hose leads to the valve at the manifold that is labeled tank one.

So the labels are mismatched, so we’ve been filling. What is labeled as tank three and then using the tank three valve and nothing comes out, because that valve runs to the forward tank, which is empty. So i just switched the valve the manifold over to tank one. So if I’m right, we can hit the water pressure switch and the system will pressurize and we should have running water. You ready, yeah, okay, give it a go: okay, okay, it’s on okay, hear it !

Oh, that feels good good job. Then thank you. Plumber, bud yeah right your plumbers crack a couple times yeah. Well, i don’t like to brag, but it’s there it’s there [ Music, ], we’ve always known that getting a newer boat wouldn’t ever mean the end of boat projects, but I’d be lying. If i said i expected to be knee-deep in projects on day one that being said, if we’ve learned anything from our journey so far, it’s that anything worth doing is going to require a lot of hard work.

I’m just so happy for the opportunity to pour our time and energy, our heart and soul into what we know will be our home for so many years to come !

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