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Sailing Beginner – How to Sail – Raising the Mainsail

Now in preparation for sailing I have to get out in open water using my kicker. Here’s how I do it. I lock the tiller in a straight position by a piece of rope, I named the tiller rope that is nothing more than a rope tied between two cleats on the each side of the stern of the sailing boat.

Sailing Beginner – Trailer Sailor

In this article of sailing beginner, I would like to talk about the sailboat trailer that most of us use to get our sailing vessels to the water. By using a boat trailer as a means to get to the water, the sailing term “Trailer Sailor” comes to mind. Trailer Sailor’s is what we are mates!

Sailing Beginner – Tacking In Moderate Winds Part 2

If you ever feel that the wind at any time is to over powering to the point of loosing control along with your nerve, just steer the sailing vessel directly into the wind by pushing the tiller away from you. This works whether you are tacking or jibing. This puts the sailboat in a sailing term known as irons. Once in irons, it takes the load off the sails, thus aiding you to regain control of the sailing boat along with your nerves.

Sailing Terms For The Sailing Beginner

There are many sailing terms exclusively meant for sailing and have to be acquired by those who don’t have them in their nautical vocabulary as of yet. These technical jargons are part of sailing world that simply defines the sport.

Boxed in at Chaguaramas

A long time friend ask for help getting his boat from Trinidad to Grenada. His Alzheimer’s disease contributed to an already unique, life and death adventure.

Explore Whitsunday: Sailing Adventures In The Whitsunday Region

There are lots of best places in Australia for adventure seekers but if you are one of the many people who are seeking for great adventure trips in the country, then you should explore Whitsundays. Located in the central coast of Queensland, Whitsunday is bordered by the Great Barrier Reef. This is the reason why this particular region is the perfect place for holiday goers who are looking for some great adventures to do.

How to Manage Your Sailing Events Successfully?

A number of organizations involved in athletics plan events throughout the year. Sailing is one such sport that hosts regattas and symposiums on a regular basis. With advancements in technology, specialized platforms are readily available that enables such clubs, organizations, and corporations to utilize and automate the interface to process registrations for such large scale events. The solution can help you manage and co-ordinate elements associated with putting up a successful sailing event allowing your staff members to concentrate on the remaining administrative tasks.

Are You Interested In Hiring A Sail Boat?

There are plenty of different options out there with regards to planning for a holiday for your family or you and your buddies. You do have to think things through before you start doing things such as investing in a boat or a holiday home or something along those lines. In fact, lots of people find that hiring a boat or perhaps a holiday house is a much more cost effective choice than buying one would have been. Let’s have a look at what the advantages of hiring a boat instead of buying one would be.

Sailing Pointers for Novices

You will surely love sailing since it is a very enthralling leisure pursuit. However, you have to become an expert in maneuvering sailboats. There are several websites and videos that provide tips in sailing for both greenhorns and professionals.

Benefits Of Purchasing Foul Weather Gear

Does the idea of going on a sailing trip excite you? If yes, how do you plan your sailing tour? A perfect sailing holiday involves the right kind of planning and the right sailing accessories.

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